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Freedom HIV/AIDS is first ever initiatives on HIV/AIDS awareness using mobile phone games, and is also the largest ever-social initiative on the mobile devices.

Why Mobile?
Mobile devices are the most prevalent tools in the hands of a common man all over the world. Mobile is the device of the future, whether it is communication, education, gaming or information. As the devices are gaining strength, there is a simultaneous gain in scope. Today many people are using mobile devices for various needs, whether it's children or adults, rural or urban population, mobile or sex workers.

Why Games?
One of the effective ways of spreading messages and creating awareness is by Play-and-Learn method. This methodology makes learning not only exciting and engaging but helps in better enhancement and retention of knowledge.

Launched on 1st December 2005
On World AIDS Day, December 1, under the banner "Freedom HIV/AIDS", ZMQ is releasing four mobile games on HIV/AIDS awareness to reach out to millions of people using mobile phones. The initiative is supported by Delhi State AIDS Control Society and was launched by Chief Minister of Delhi Shrimati Sheila Dikshit.


In the first phase, ZMQ launched the games on Reliance Infocomm - one of the largest mobile operators of India and was able to reach out to over 9 million handsets on the first day of the launch. Later, the games were made available on other mobile carriers taking to 42 million handsets. In a span of 15 months, there have been a download of 10.3 million game sessions. As part of the corporate social responsibility, ZMQ has given games absolutely free for download.

Four Mobile Games

Freedom HIV/AIDS comprises of four mobile games targeting different mindsets and psychology of mobile users. The games are deployed on low-end black/white to sophisticated high-end colored devices. The project has been developed for different mobile technology platforms like Java/J2ME, C++/Brew, C++/Symbian and Macromedia Flashlite to cater to over 100 devices and handsets covering over majority of devices. The four games have been:

Safety Cricket - The game is based on a village cricket match between Demons XI and Safety XI. Demons XI have set up a target score. Safety XI needs to chase the runs in 10 overs (60 balls) and 300 seconds with 10 players in hand. Balls appear in different rows in form of safety symbols like Condoms, Faithful Partner, HIV Information and AIDS Red Ribbon. Runs are scored for collecting them. At the same time, Safety XI needs to protect themselves from bowls like Googlies, Yorkers and Doosras; which appears in form of Unsafe Sex, Infected Blood Transfusion, HIV Virus, Infected Syringe and Company of bad friends. Different HIV/AIDS awareness and safety messages are displayed on scoring runs. On striking negative objects, messages are displayed how HIV is transmitted.

Ribbon Chase - You need to spread the message and awareness of HIV/AIDS all over the world. You are an AIDS Red Ribbon, and an HIV Virus is chasing you. Different cities in the world are asking for information on HIV/AIDS. You need to deliver them by going to them. The HIV Virus is chasing you and wants to catch you up and is not letting you deliver the message. You need to run smartly to deliver the required message. It is a highly exciting multi-level game with 5 Lives.

The Messenger - Dove - the traditional symbol of peace and love is used as a messenger of HIV/AIDS awareness in this game. The dove flies from village to village, collecting condoms and red ribbons in the sky; protecting itself from hitting the HIV/AIDS virus; and delivering condoms and ribbons to villagers below on their specific demand to prevent HIV/AIDS. On every correct demand, the villager gets an additional safety and awareness message. The dove also loses a life if it hits a HIV Virus in the sky, whereby different messages are displayed related to various modes how HIV is transmitted.

Quiz with Babu - Babu - the village boy, is fond of going to school library. He reads a lot about HIV/AIDS in the library and newspapers. He is always busy excavating knowledge on HIV/AIDS from different sources. He has made a resolution to spread the HIV/AIDS awareness not only in is village but in the surrounding villages as well. In the evening hours, you can find Babu sitting under the Peepal tree on the village Chowk questioning people on HIV/AIDS and playing quiz with them. Play a quiz with Babu and test your knowledge on HIV/AIDS. Beware you have 10 questions and three lifelines to answer all his questions.

Social Impact : There have been effective download of 10.3 million game sessions in 15 months from its launch. As reported, more games have been downloaded in smaller cities and towns in India. The prime reason of this phenomenon is that these areas are media dark areas and have very less access to information. People here preferred to download free mobile games to know more about HIV/AIDS.

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